Know your tools

Clients hire me to “edit a book and get it online.” Expectations are everything.

When someone hires me, I expect that they have done the digital corrections already. Correcting spelling errors is hardly even editing, since the computer does that for you. You can train your computer to override certain unusual spellings. You can create custom spelling dictionaries for unusual spellings that you only use in a particular document.

A savvy writer understands their tools and hones them to work in a way that improves writing. You can train your computer to help you edit as you write. Teach your word processor how to punctuate.

hack     #fieldtrip Let’s take a quick peek at the Grammar Settings in Microsoft Word. If you have not customized the settings, please do yourself a favor and at least look at the options. You will find settings that control when your word processor should indicate that there may be a better way of writing your words.

I will be offering a course on how to Write Like A Writer soon. But, in the meantime, open your Word Options and take a look at what your word processor has been asked to do for you. I do not have “Use of first person” activated because I often do write in first person. I don’t want Word to flag first person content as something I should revise.


Please note, that there is an option for “Spaces required between sentences.” The correct number is “1.” The current style dictates that there should never be two spaces used. Ever. For any reason.

Even Word doesn’t call these options editing. They are called spelling and grammar. You hire an editor.

But, first, do your due diligence and present a clean copy. They are your words. Make them shine.

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