Learn to Self-Publish Like a Pro

In January, I will be leading a one-day workshop where I will teach attendees how to self-publish like a pro. What does that mean? I will teach you how to create beautiful, professional books and what you need to know about designing books.

There are a myriad of rules about how a book is supposed to look. How the pages are supposed to be arranged. How the pages are supposed to be numbered.

Retailers may refuse to carry your book, if the pages are not created following the norm. Unless you are avant-garde and have a secret outlet and an incredible reputation, bookstores may balk.

I can tell you how to lay out your book and how to get it to the sales sources you need.

Register online now. Or register for someone else and gift them during this holiday season.

Bring your content.

Bring your words.

Bring your graphics.

Bring your wifi-enabled laptop. We go online and do this for real.

Workshop is $40 – but the coffee is free!!

Register via Eventbrite today.



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